Missile Attack On Kyiv And Drone Strike On Moscow Rock Europe

For the first time, maybe ever, Vladimir Putin doesn't seem unstoppable. He isn't some indestructible and mythical creature anymore.

For the first time in a long time, the world is learning that Putin is mortal. That's why Russia is so worried that Ukrainian kamikaze drones are hitting "within earshot" of Putin's location.

Hey, America wouldn't like it if our president could literally hear a war going on. We would want him protected away from the battlefield. That's probably exactly why Ukraine is doing this, to make Putin uncomfortable.

Putin has tried to make the world think that he is immortal, and Ukraine is trying to finally show that he isn't.

Reports indicate that Russia had been sending missiles at the Ukrainian city of Kyiv recently, and that the kamikaze drone strikes on the suburbs of Moscow in Russia were in retaliation. In addition, about 200 artillery shells struck Russian towns in the Belgorod region near Ukraine on May 30.

It may have taken billions and billions of American dollars to do it, but Ukraine seems to be fighting back quite well these days.