Mills: I Had To Get Americans Out Of Israel Because Biden Won't Do His Job

 October 13, 2023

Joe Biden isn't helping Americans out of Israel.

He recently sent them a message saying so, telling them to find their own rides out of Israel.

Maybe those weren't the exact words he said, but that's pretty much exactly what he meant.

Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) alleges that he's already helped 32 Americans out of Israel, but wouldn't have had to do so if Joe Biden had been willing to do his job.

"I went in and was very thankful to be able to get — for the second time by the way, I’ll just add, helping the Biden administration — who has failed to do their job. The first time I did it was in 2021, when I conducted the very first successful overland rescue of Americans, but here it is, the second time doing the Biden administration’s work, because they have no plan, they have no strategy to get these Americans out who are trapped and these church groups that had been left behind," Mills explained.

"I’d worked with one of the pastors in this church group as well as for a couple of isolated individuals that were stuck in these areas," Mills said. "They had tried to get on multiple flights, their flights were canceled, they felt they were kind of being boxed in as some of the aggression around them started to increase and really were just looking for an answer, looking for a way out.

He went on, "A couple of them had called the State Department and really didn’t get a whole lot of support. And so, at that stage, I just felt it was necessary for me to step in and try and do something. Our government doesn’t necessarily define who we are as Americans. I think that the American spirit’s very much alive and I think standing up and stepping in is really what these people were looking for, and I hope that them being home now or them actually getting out and [being] in a safe space has given them confidence that Americans won’t be left behind and that at least those of us who are elected officials will stand up when it’s needed."