Millions funneled to Biden family from Chinese entities has 'hallmark of a Chinese intelligence operation,' Schweizer says

By Jen Krausz on
 February 21, 2023

Peter Schweizer, who has written extensively about corruption on the left including by the Biden family, said on Fox News that the tens of millions of dollars funneled from Chinese entities to the Biden family has a "hallmark of a Chinese spy operation."

“Look, I think the investigation is ongoing,” he asserted. “I think the evidence continues to mount. The Biden team will not answer a basic question, which is when it comes to China, for example, you have three Chinese businessmen that funneled tens of millions of dollars to you."

Schweizer pointed out that all three Chinese businessmen that funneled money to Joe Biden had deep and long-lasting ties to Chinese intelligence.

"Each one of those three – Chay Feng, Henry Zhao, Chairman Ye – all had direct abiding and deep ties to Chinese intelligence when they were arranging these ideals for the Bidens," he continued. "And that is not me saying that. That’s according to Hong Kong corporate records. They were business partners with the vice minister of state security, who is responsible for foreign recruitment of spies. They were business partners with a former family of the director of the ministry for state security, which runs the entire spy apparatus. In the case of Chairman Ye, they actually worked as part of the spy apparatus.”

The important question isn't whether there was a provable crime, Schweizer said, but whether Biden was compromised by the payments.

"The question is: Is the family compromised?"" he said. And you’re talking about the flow of money – tens of millions of dollars to this family – there is no discernible service. They have still not explained what they got this money for. What were they doing in return for our legitimate business enterprise? So, it begs the question about this being an intelligence operation.”