Mike Pence's popularity among Republican voters collapsing

September 10, 2023

Former Vice President Mike Pence has presidential aspirations but now it seems Republican voters are becoming increasingly disillusioned with former President Donald Trump's onetime right-hand man.

This week's Morning Consult survey found that "Potential Republican primary voters are only slightly more likely to hold favorable opinions than unfavorable opinions about Pence (46% to 42%). That 4percentage-point gap between the two figures marks a low point for the former vice president, whose popularity has been on a steady decline since mid-July."

For comparison purposes, Trump has been sitting with 76% of potential Republican primary voters viewing him favorably consistently.

Even Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has a respectable 64% of respondents viewing him favorably.

For Pence to sink so low speaks volumes to how egregious his recent decisions have been. Voters have watched him stab Trump in the back and don't approve of such betrayal. Pence's other centrist stances haven't helped him stand out, especially in competition with Trump.

It is beginning to look like Pence's presidential aspirations are dying, and the former vice president has already been as close as he will ever get to the Oval Office.

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