Mike Pence Has A Secret: He Used To Be A Democrat

November 23, 2022

Mike Pence was the vice president for the same amount of time that Donald Trump was the president, but it seems like we know so much less about the man from Indiana.

He wasn't the most vocal vice-president in history and didn't always reveal a ton about his personal life.

Maybe he feels like he has something to get off his chest, or maybe he's just ready to connect more with his fans.

Either way, Pence is opening up to America.

There's something about him that voters need to know, namely that he grew up a Democrat.

"I joined the Reagan Revolution after starting out in politics as a Democrat," Pence recently told America while promoting his new book. "In my book, So Help Me God, I talk about my own journey, which really came from being raised in the family of a grandson of an Irish immigrant and the son of a combat veteran and a precocious first-generation Irish American. My early days in politics, I started as a Democrat. But when I heard the voice of Ronald Reagan, when I made a personal decision to put my faith in Christ, and I came under the influence of a strong conservative professor at my college, my outlook and my politics began to change. I joined the Reagan Revolution and never looked back. I ran for Congress, as I write in So Help Me God, the first time when Ronald Reagan was still in the White House. I would not be elected for another 12 years when I arrived at Capitol Hill in the year 2000."

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