Migrant encounters in first 100 days of fiscal year shatter records

By Jen Krausz on
 January 9, 2023

There were 718,000 migrant encounters in the first 100 days of fiscal year 2023, which shattered the record of 518,000 in the same time period of 2022 by more than 200,000.

Of the 718,000 encounters, 198,000 were removed through Title 42 and did not enter the country, but that leaves 520,000 others.

Biden claims he is trying to take steps to deal with the problems at the border by forcing Venezuelans who cross illegally to seek asylum in Mexico, agreeing to continue Title 42 for now, and increasing legal immigration for certain migrants who cross the border at legal entry points.

During a long overdue visit to the border on Sunday, he acknowledged that the steps he has announced will not fix the problem, although he doesn't acknowledge that they won't really do much as long as his catch-and-release policy remains in place.

"These actions alone that I'm going to announce today aren't going to fix our entire immigration system but they can help us a good deal in managing what is a difficult challenge," he said.

Like with most things, he actually has no idea.