Michigan Progressives Urge Voters To Ditch Joe Biden In Primary Election

 February 20, 2024

Progressives in Michigan are getting pretty fed up with Joe Biden.

Voters, particularly in places such as Dearborn, which has one of the largest Arab American populations in the country, are upset about the president's decisions regarding the war between Israel and Hamas.

A significant faction in Michigan is now so fired up that members have launched a campaign called "Abandon Biden."

Their goal is simple, to get Joe Biden to step down:

"He’s got to do the right thing for the party and for … the country itself, and he should step down as soon as possible because he’s deeply toxic, and we will never ever support him. He can’t do anything for us to support him. No one can tolerate a policy of death that lasts this long; people have to be held to account," said Hassan Abdel Salam, a member of the Abandon Biden National Coalition.

In addition to the war between Israel and Hamas, many elsewhere in America are breaking with Biden over his outright refusal to admit that we have an illegal immigration problem.

Regardless of the party with which you are affiliated, if you live someplace like Arizona that is impacted by the loose border rules, you are NOT happy with what Joe Biden's policies are doing to your life.

Joe Biden must go.