Michigan Police Memos Indicate Possible Nationwide Voter Fraud Scheme

September 1, 2023

Wow. Even if it turns out that there was never any noteworthy election interference in 2020, there's so much evidence suggesting otherwise that, at the very least, we have to admit it was very possible that Donald Trump truly believed the election was stolen.

If law enforcement authorities in Michigan were concerned enough about voter fraud to involve the FBI in their investigations, then shouldn't Trump have the right to question the results as well?

Liberals don't think so, and that's why Trump is facing so many legal problems right now.

But let's not go by liberal logic, let's try COMMON SENSE for a change.

JustTheNews.com is reporting that "Michigan authorities suspected there was a possible voter registration fraud scheme occurring across multiple states during the 2020 election and were concerned enough to bring in the FBI, according to police memos."

If you take nothing else away from that, make sure that you realize that this is exactly what they are saying was IMPOSSIBLE for Donald Trump to believe about the situation.

The case against Trump does not revolve so much around the fact that he fought the election results, but rather that he claimed he had won while supposedly knowing he had lost.

If other segments of the government didn't know for certain whether election fraud had occurred, how was Trump supposed to know?

Many Americans would say Trump was simply doing his duty by pointing out the irregularities.

Liberals aren't out for justice, they're out for blood.