Michigan attorney general drops fake elector case against one of 16 defendants

By Jen Krausz on
 October 22, 2023

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) dropped fake elector charges against Jim Renner, one of 16 defendants in the case, when he agreed to cooperate and explain why the group at issue signed electoral certifications.

Renner agreed to give "complete and truthful testimony whenever called upon."

He also said that the group of 16 was "led to believe" it needed to sign the certifications so that the Republican-dominated legislature in the state would have the opportunity to overturn election results that favored Joe Biden.

So far, Renner has not said that a Trump lawyer told him to sign the papers to help the then-president overturn the election, as another fake elector, co-defendant Michele Lundgren, has said.

“I was an innocent little bystander in this whole thing, thinking I was doing my civic duty,” Lundgren said.

Renner's attorney, Clint Westbrook, said he was happy with the deal and that his client was "innocent."