Michelle Obama the biggest threat to Joe Biden in Democrat primary

 August 21, 2023

A new Center Square Voters' Voice Poll has found that President Joe Biden is the undisputed leader in the Democrat primary race, but that all changes if former First Lady Michelle Obama jumped into the race.

Right now, Biden's only competition is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson, whom Biden already beat in the 2020 Democrat primary.

President Biden beats Kennedy Jr. with 68% support to Kennedy's 16%. The numbers are even worse with Biden matched up against Williamson, who only brought in 9% support.

Now if Michelle Obama jumped into the race, she would have 48% support to President Biden's 36%.

Mike Noble, founder and CEO of Noble Predictive Insights explained, "Biden is pretty safe in the Democratic primary. However, he'd better make sure Michelle Obama is on his Christmas card list."

While it seems unlikely that the former First Lady would jump in, it could turn a slam dunk for Biden into a losing battle.