Michelle Obama Jealous Of Melania Trump At Carter Memorial

 December 6, 2023

Former first lady Michelle Obama just let her true feelings about former first lady Melania Trump be known.

It all went down at former first lady Rosalyn Carter’s memorial service.

As photos from the event started to come to the surface, it all became abundantly clear from the expression on Michelle Obama’s face.

She is jealous of Melania Trump’s beauty.

The expressions on her face were so clearly negative in nature that the photos spurred a Tik Tok debate.

One Tik Tok user, @republicanlatina03, was quick to point out the obvious jealousy going on.

‘[They’re] just jealous of Melania Trump and this just proves that the jealous continues. That’s why they hate her, because they can’t be her. You hate what you cannot be. Melania Trump… is beautiful as always, super gorgeous,” said @republicanlatina03.

@republicanlatina03 MELANIA TRUMP WILL ALWAYS HAVE HATE BUT WE KNOW WHY 👀😎💋💋💋💄👸👸👸👸👸💕💕💕💕#melaniatrump #beauty #gorgous #unique #firstladymelaniatrump #oneandonly #hatersgonnahate #jelousy #youhateuscauseyouaintus ♬ original sound - Republicanlatina03

Maybe the other first ladies should remember the next time they are AT A FUNERAL that the appropriate time to process your jealousy is not during a eulogy.