Navarro: Michelle Obama 'Coup' Likely Underway

 January 5, 2024

Former Trump administration official Peter Navarro says there is a “coup” going on in Democratic Party circles.

Navarro believes that President Joe Biden’s name will taken out of the running in 2024 to make way for someone else.

That person, according to Navarro, is former first lady Michelle Obama.

“President Biden will not be on the November ballot. With each new Biden family revelation and new poll finding Donald Trump will beat Mr. Biden like a drum, the inevitability of Mr. Biden stepping aside grows,” Navarro wrote in a recent Washington Times op-ed.

Navarro went on to discuss the reasoning he believes is behind such a move.

“Michelle will be expected to bring back the Black vote, particularly Black women, now running for the exit from Mr. Biden. She will also appeal to the more moderate elements of the Democratic Party who remember with revisionist history fondness the mediocre presidency of Barack Obama,” wrote Navarro.

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