Michelle Obama Could 'Sneak' Into 2024 Presidential Contest, NY Post Warns

 January 19, 2024

Could former first lady Michelle Obama be making a last-minute run for president?

Former President Barack Obama has already previously voiced his concerns that President Joe Biden is falling too far behind in the polls.

Now, his wife, Michelle Obama, has opened up about her fears surrounding former President Donald Trump winning the 2024 election.

During a recent appearance on the podcast, On Purpose, hosted by Jay Shetty, Michelle said, "Those are the things that keep me up, because you don’t have control over them.”

“And you wonder, where are we in this? Where are our hearts? What’s gonna happen in this next election? I am terrified about what could possibly happen, because our leaders matter. Who we select, who speaks for us, who holds that bully pulpit affects us in ways that sometimes I think people take for granted," Obama continued.

With statements like that, it is hard not to wonder if the former first lady is dropping a subtle hint that she may be considering a run of her own.

Do you think Michelle Obama will run for president in 2024?

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