Michelle Obama Charges $750,000 For One-Hour Speech

September 27, 2023

Michelle Obama was recently asked to give a one-hour speech.

I don't know if she set the rate, or this was simply what the event offered, but the former first lady was paid a disgusting sum of $750,000 to talk for one hour at a tech fair.

People seem to like Obama.

For some reason, 77% of Americans seem to hold a positive opinion of Michelle Obama in 2023.

Just 15% of Americans hold a negative opinion of her.

These figures have led Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, to declare that Democrats are probably going to try to find a way to eliminate President Joe Biden's 2024 candidacy and install Michelle Obama as the party's nominee instead.

If that really is the case, we need to see if we can stop people from continuing to give her $750,000 per hour for speaking engagements.

If that's her going rate, she's going to be able to afford a pretty unlimited campaign approach, which could mean even more trouble for Republicans if she does run.

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