Michelle Obama called out for refusing to condemn violent crime against Israeli women

 December 4, 2023

Former first lady Michelle Obama is under fire after May Golan, Minister for the Advancement of the Status of Women of Israel, revealed that Obama refused to condemn sexual violence committed by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7.

During an interview on Israel's Channel 14 News, Golan said, "I’ll tell you more than that. I sent her [Obama] a description, in authentic, sworn testimony, by people who told about the collection of severed female organs from women who had been raped, on broken pelvises, about shocking things that … I don’t want to continue to say in the Israel media. We know that the request has been received. She is not in a political position, she can certainly respond. Silence from her, from all the other female celebrities."

Michelle Obama has set herself up as an advocate for women and girls worldwide, which makes her silence on the shocking and horrific crimes committed by Hamas especially damning.

The most Obama has said about the attack was, "I’m like all Americans watching the images coming out of the region. I can say that, as a mother, I cannot wrap my arms around how people must be feeling. I can’t get the images of those young people who were gunned down attending a music festival because those kids were the age of my daughters."

However, despite the "images" coming out of Israel and the horrific crimes that terrorists committed against women, Obama still refuses to condemn them by name and call for the organization's destruction.

Whenever Obama wants to preach to Americans about the issues facing women, people need to remember that Obama will gladly throw women and girls under the bus if it serves an ideological purpose.