Michelle Obama 2024 Rumors Gaining Momentum

 November 11, 2023

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said it a while ago.

Joe Biden is simply too old, too confused, too crazy, and too incoherent to be our president right now, much less for another four years.

There's no way that Biden is ever going to make it through the rigors of another campaign trail.

He's already not pulling his weight, being absent from almost every event his wife, where his wife, Jill Biden, makes an appearance.

Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy said during the third GOP debate that we KNOW Biden simply can't run again in 2024.

Yet liberals REFUSE to admit it.

Have you wondered why?

It's not because they aren't sure about Biden, it's because they don't want to show their hand too early.

Ramaswamy and Cruz have posited that it will be Michelle Obama running for Democrats in 2024.

At this point, I'm becoming inclined to believe them.

Biden isn't going to make it, and the DNC is going to have to put forward SOMEBODY, right?