Michael Savage Says Trump Facing A 'Biden-Stalinist Regime

 March 23, 2023

Conservative radio legend Michael Savage wants to know why "crypto crook" and Democrat super donor Sam Bankman-Fried is not behind bars. He said:

After all, he pulled off, allegedly, the largest financial scam in American history and he was released on minimal bail to live in his parents’ mansion in Palo Alto.

"This is American justice under the Biden-Stalinist regime," Savage said. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is being prepared for a possible indictment by Democrat Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg.

So Bankman-Fried is allowed to be free, and Donald Trump is going to have to face old misdemeanor charges bumped up to a felony? According to Savage, the Biden regime is nothing short of criminal for allowing this to happen. He added:

Now if we’re going to let this criminal regime, called the Biden regime, twist America and America’s laws and America’s jurisprudence to the Soviet system, none of us will be safe.

"So they’re stretching the law," Savage said, "to say although the hush payment may be legal, the way it was reported was illegal; so you could claim it’s a bookkeeping error, in other words it was a tax thing [and] now they’re changing it and calling him Al Capone."