Miami-Dade County Republicans Choose Trump Over DeSantis

 January 6, 2024

Republicans and independents everywhere are choosing Donald Trump.

Even if it's in Ron DeSantis' backyard.

DeSantis, who many once considered a viable option for the Republican nomination, seems to be slipping fast and unable to reverse the momentum.

Other Republicans are picking up on that, even in DeSantis' home state.

Recently, the Miami-Dade County Republican Party's executive committee polled 65 of its members.

Trump won in a landslide.

The bad news for Ron doesn't stop there.

According to Politico, chants broke out in support of Trump after the ballots were counted:

A video obtained by POLITICO of the meeting shows the crowd in the room erupting in applause then chanting, “Trump, Trump, Trump,” after state Rep. Alex Rizo, a DeSantis supporter and chair of Miami-Dade Republicans, announced the election results. The members recorded their votes on paper ballots.

Do you think there's any chance DeSantis can make a comeback, or is he done?