Meta Being Sued Over Accusations That Facebook Targets, Causes Addiction In Children

 October 25, 2023

In case you've never used Facebook before, it's VERY addicting.

It's also aimed to capture children.


Well, just like any industry, a lifelong customer from age nine is a whole lot more valuable than a lifelong customer starting at age 60.

Heck, even a moderate user at age nine might be better than a wholehearted fan in old age.

Businesses without scruples target children because they are impressionable, and they are going to be using the product for a long time.

Facebook is no exception.

Colorado Attorney General recently explained why his state and 41 others are suing Meta, the parent company of Facebook, for addicting and corrupting the children of America. The AG said:

This is not an action we take lightly. This is not a case that we know is going to be decided very quickly. But it’s of the utmost importance. That’s why we dedicated level resources of the state agencies brought together here addressing issues that are top of our national agenda.