Melania Trump Comeback May Be Happening Amid 'Mob-Wife' Trend

 February 2, 2024

Melania Trump may have dodged the Mob, but she can't dodge the "Mob-Wife" trend, because she may have played a role in starting it.

There’s a huge fashion trend that may be perfect for the former first lady..

The recent trend has been labeled “Mob-Wife.”

To dress in a “Mob-Wife” style, you need fur coats, you need stunning accessories, and a classic touch of black.

According to the fashion director at The Standard, Victoria Moss, this “Mob-Wife”
trend is truly the perfect gateway into a new set of fashion moments from Melania Trump.

Her bold, sophisticated outfits have a flair to them that leaves people talking, and she always arrives dressed for the occasion.

Since the day she set foot in the White House, people have been blown away by her distinctive style.

Melania’s true fashions sense is something about which people still talk.

The fact that Victoria Moss has associated “Mob-Wife” with Melania’s style is proof of that.

There’s no reason to think that a second Trump term would be any different for the fashionable first lady!