Melania Trump thinks husband's charges are election interference: Report

 April 18, 2024

Former President Donald Trump's critics would love nothing more than for his wife, Melania Trump, to indicate that she's against him or otherwise unhappy in their marriage.

And while many in the anti-Trump establishment media have tried their best to paint that picture, it's simply not sticking -- because it's not true.

As noted in a recent NY Times piece, Melania Trump might not be with her husband during his various legal battles in the courtroom, but it doesn't mean she's not upset about it just as much as her husband is.

Melania Trump, like millions of Americans, doesn't believe that the charges her husband faces are fair. She, like the former president, believes they're a form of election interference.

The piece noted:

In private, she has called the proceedings “a disgrace” tantamount to election interference, according to a person with direct knowledge of her comments who could not speak publicly out of fear of jeopardizing a personal relationship with the Trumps.

The Times had to go negative, because of course they would, in saying that the Stormy Daniels "hush money" case could "reopen old wounds" for Melania.

It went on to point out what might or might not come up in the New York trial, and predicted that testimonies and stories about Trump's past antics with women could upset her. Again, not surprising.

The outlet added:

By now, allies of the Trumps say, Melania Trump has lumped the trial into all of the other legal problems her husband faces, and she is steelier than she was before.

The Times admitted that Melania has shown more interest in her husband's presidential campaign and that was evidenced by several recent public appearances alongside Mr. Trump, which shoots down theories that Melania isn't supportive or not willing to stand by her husband's side.

There have been numerous hints and even promises by the former president that Melania will undoubtedly become more active in the campaign as Election Day nears.

For now, she's still focusing on protecting their son, Barron Trump, from a likely future of negative media attention, and has spent much of her focus on protecting her family and grieving her late mother, who passed away earlier this year.

Melania plays a massive influential role in her husband's decisions, including while he was president, and there's no indication that it has ceased.

Try as they might, the anti-Trump media just can't seem to get the negative Melania Trump stories going.