Melania Trump NFTs commemorate Apollo 11 moon landing

July 21, 2023

Former first lady Melania Trump's latest collection of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) commemorates the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Her press office said she would be launching a “limited-edition collectible celebrating Apollo 11’s successful lunar landing,” called “Man on the Moon.”

The NFTs will sell for $75 each and will celebrate the July 20, 1969 "giant leap for mankind" that was the first U.S. manned lunar landing.

The tokens will include digital images of an American astronaut walking on the moon and will include a "surprise" audio file that will be unlocked on purchase.

“I am proud to celebrate the great achievement of these astronauts and remain inspired by American ingenuity,” Trump said of the collection.

She previously sold "The 1776 Collection" around the 4th of July for $50 each.

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