Melania Trump Determined To Stick By Husband's Side: Report

 June 10, 2023

At least publicly, Ivanka Trump doesn't appear to have any desire to be involved in her father's third presidential campaign.

Donald Trump's wife, Melania, does not appear to share that same feeling.

Despite the couple apparently hitting a rocky patch when Donald was criticizing her for his failure of an endorsement in Dr. Oz's Pennsylvania Senate race, Melania insists that she's going to be there for her husband long-term.

Trump is facing resistance from literally every direction outside of his own family these days, so it's good to know from a Republican perspective that the man currently leading the GOP polling has the support of his own wife.

That isn't something that he was guaranteed to get.

One of his trials, after all, revolves entirely around the legality of the way Trump tried to cover up an alleged affair.

Whether Trump broke the law is irrelevant to whether he broke Melania's trust.

She's still beside him, however. Just like she has been for a long while.