Megyn Kelly says Kamala Harris is 'moron,' Joe Biden is 'knocking on the grim reaper's door'

By Jen Krausz on
 July 16, 2023

Podcast host Megyn Kelly maligned both the president and vice president during her show on Tuesday, sharing her concerns about the planned Democrat ticket for 2024.

Kelly first noted that Vice President Kamala Harris once served California's attorney general. "How dumb could she be?" she asked rhetorically.

Answering her own question, she said, "Very, very dumb, is the answer," and she added that Harris "cannot put two sentences together."

Kelly was concerned that President Joe Biden is "losing his mental faculties" and that he's "knockin' on ... the grim reaper's door," making her concerned that "moron" Harris would end up president as some point.

Instead of dealing with the country's economic woes or the open border that has allowed seven million immigrants to enter the country illegally, Harris tweeted on Tuesday that something has to be done about making airplane bathrooms accessible for equity reasons.

"Not a parody. Must be hard to do political satire these days," GOP Rep. Dan Bishop of North Carolina tweeted in response to the vice president's post.