Megyn Kelly says Fox News won't negotiate with Tucker Carlson because it wants to silence him

By Jen Krausz on
 May 10, 2023

Podcaster and former Fox News host Megyn Kelly said Monday on Newsmax that Fox News and Tucker Carlson are at an "impasse" with contract negotiations to allow Carlson to get back on the airwaves independently.

"They have decided not to negotiate in good faith" because Fox News "wants him silenced," Kelly said, quoting anonymous sources.

Carlson hired Kelly's lawyer, Bryan Freedman, to represent him as he tries to break away from the network ahead of his contract end in early 2025.

"They have no intention of letting Tucker out of his contract," she said, adding that their tactics hurt the country because Carlson is one of the few honest voices in media.

Kelly said Carlson is rallying his audience to boycott Fox News entirely to send the message they are unhappy with its actions. From the looks of its recent ratings, many are listening to him.

Carlson should "walk away and say, Keep your $30 million. I'm going to get your voice out there. Go ahead and sue me," Kelly said.