Megyn Kelly Promises Tough Love At Next Republican Debate

 December 1, 2023

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is set to moderate the next Republican Party primary debate on Dec. 6.

If you watched Kelly’s last debate moderation outing, you know that the fiery type of questions she asks always leaves viewers on the edge of their seats.

When former President Donald Trump took the stage, Kelly famously grilled him over his treatment of women.

Now, she plans to bring that same energy back to the stage during the upcoming debate.

“I’m not there to make friends with anybody,” Kelly recently said in a Washington Examiner interview.

Kelly said she was not happy with the way the last debate in this cycle, which was moderated by NBC News, ultimately unfolded.

“The way NBC handled it was abysmal. It was an absolute sin. You had Nikki Haley call Vivek Ramaswamy 'scum' from being the lectern on debate night, and no moderator followed up on it," she said.

Kelly plans to reel in the next debate. It may be good for decorum, but will it be less entertaining?

If the candidates get their way, the Dec. 6 debate is almost guaranteed to be an explosive night to remember.

Will you be watching?