Megyn Kelly Calls For Boycott Of Taylor Swift

 December 16, 2023

Good luck to you, Megyn Kelly.

She wants America to boycott Taylor Swift.

Regardless of what Taylor Swift has gotten up to lately, I don't know if I see that happening.

It could be argued that Taylor Swift is the most influential person on the planet right now, and anyone who can sell out stadium after stadium might be able to do and/or say whatever they want and always retain most of their fans.

Kelly is FURIOUS that Taylor Swift recently attended an event at the "Brooklyn Academy of Music last Friday, which would provide relief funds to the people of Gaza," as the New York Post noted.

"Money from the event went to benefit the non-governmental organization American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA), the Queens-born Youssef said in an Instagram post, as Israeli troops attempt to root out Hamas in the Gaza Strip following the deadly Oct. 7 terrorist attacks," claimed the Post.

As a result, Megyn Kelly demanded America boycott Swift.

"I hope they boycott her events until she issues it because attending this thing was wrong," Kelly said.