Megyn Kelly: 'A spectacular day for Donald Trump'

Conservative media personality Megyn Kelly said recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions are going to help former President Donald Trump in his 2024 campaign for the White House.

Kelly celebrated the rulings that favored conservatives, saying that the bench's decisions had handed Trump considerable campaign ammunition.

The ammunition, Kelly believes, will come because Trump is responsible for the appointment of three of the current Supreme Court justices.

"A spectacular day for Donald Trump whose three conservative picks for SCOTUS were integral to the historic decisions yesterday and today. Major feather in his cap and will likely (& rightfully) be touted by his campaign in coming months," Kelly said.

"The court on Friday both shut down President Joe Biden's student debt cancellation plan and determined that a Christian web designer could not be forced to endorse messages with which she disagreed, such as same-sex marriage," reported JustTheNews. "On Thursday, the court determined that race-based admissions in higher education were unconstitutional."

"The triad of conservative victories is sure to bolster Trump's campaign talking point related to his appointment of Associate Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, and Neil Gorsuch. He has previously pointed to the court's 2022 overturn of Roe v. Wade, allowing states to regulate abortion," according to JustTheNews.

"Kelly's touting of Trump's influence on the decisions in notable, in part, due to her high-profile public spat with the former president during his 2016 campaign," reported JustTheNews. "During a primary debate, the former Fox News host pressed Trump over his remarks about women. Trump retorted that he had only made such abrasive remarks about comedian Rosie O'Donnell."