Meghan McCain still haunted by memory of sewage-filled 2013 cruise

By Jen Krausz on
 February 2, 2024

Meghan McCain said on her new YouTube show, Citizen McCain, that she has sworn off cruises because of a bad experience with Carnival in 2013 that involved a sewage backup.

Speaking about friends who get paid to talk politics on cruise ships, she said, "I am so not for hire for that at all. I would never do that. I am not interested at all. I hate cruises. I'm really scarred from that s--- cruise."

"There was some kind of problem with the sewage systems," she said fearfully. "People had to sleep on the deck and were given cheese sandwiches, and there was raw sewage everywhere on the cruise. Again, it's my hell, if I died and went to hell, that's what it would look like. I remember specifically on that s--- cruise."

McCain is the daughter of late Sen. John McCain, who was the GOP presidential nominee in 2008 but lost to Barack Obama.

She formerly co-hosted The View as the token conservative, even though she has unique views like her father before her.

McCain told Entertainment Tonight that she "never" watches The View since leaving the show and that she and her husband are "cord cutters" since moving to a new place and not having the cable hooked up.