Meghan Kelly notes rapid decline in Fox News viewership after Tucker Carlson taken off air

By Jen Krausz on
 April 29, 2023

Meghan Kelly, a former Fox News host who left the network to start her own independent podcast, gleefully pointed out on Thursday that her former network has lost significant viewership since taking top-rated host Tucker Carlson off the air on Monday.

“You can’t compare Tucker’s Fri night ratings to this week’s Mon/Tue. (Fridays in prime are where ratings go to die.) Compare his last Mon/Tue to this week’s Mon/Tue. It’s a bloodbath: they lost HALF their audience,” Kelly wrote in a social media post.

Wednesday, Fox News only had 1.33 million viewers in Carlson's 8 p.m. slot, which is half the viewers he had for his last show on Friday.

In the last quarter, Carlson had an average of 3.2 million viewers, which is almost three times the ratings without him.

Some commented on the Kelly post that they and their friends were "canceling" the whole network and that they thought it was just the beginning of Fox News's collapse.

Fox News lost $800 million in market share after Carlson's departure, just days after it settled a lawsuit with Dominion voting systems for $787.5 million. That was an expensive week.