Media Hiding Joe Biden's Child Worker Scandal

 February 23, 2023

Members of the media was so eager to point out horrible things about Donald Trump that they often had to resort to telling lies to do so.

When the truth wasn't scary enough for Americans, they simply made things up about why Trump is so bad and hope that the real truth simply never came out.

Now that Joe Biden is in office, liberals have different goals than they used to. These days, they're trying to prop up the president, not put him down. But they're still using the same old tactics such as resorting to lies to get the job done.

With Trump it was calling him a liar when he pointed out Biden's unethical ties with China, among other things.

With Joe Biden, it's hiding all of the horrific things for which Dirty Old Joe is responsible and praying that Americans aren't able to see the lies.

If they had their way, we would be too blind forever to see what's going on.

The media used to lie about Joe Biden's border crisis and Hunter Biden's Russian ties. Now the media is covering up Joe Biden's role in increasing America's imported child workers.

What will they resort to next?