Media continues to downplay Biden family money scandal, saying it's 'phony,' 'wild,' and 'debunked'

By Jen Krausz on
 March 20, 2023

The left-wing media just won't face up to reality when it comes to the Biden family money scandal, preferring to assume that bank records and statements by the House Oversight Committee must be wrong, when they don't just ignore it altogether.

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post said the scandal was already "debunked" previously as a "fantastical conspiracy theory" and that there is "no legitimate basis" for oversight into whether Biden family members got payments from China in 2017 for no conceivable reason other than that their patriarch had just been vice president.

The SARs (suspicious activity reports) don't necessarily prove criminal activity, Vanity Fair’s Caleb Ecarma said. But they usually do -- that's why they're "suspicious." Doesn't he think Congress ought to investigate them?

The media's partisanship has really gotten out of hand, and it's beginning to become obvious even to those who might agree with it.

What happened to objectivity and fairness?