McCarthy Wins With Debt Ceiling Deal...

After weeks of debt ceiling conversations and the whole country in a frenzy over the upcoming default deadline, a deal has been reached.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden reached an agreement this week.

Biden repeatedly said he would not negotiate over the debt ceiling, but he seems to have been bested by McCarthy as the president was forced to reach a deal this week with the deadline looming.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre had also said there would be no negotiations on the debt ceiling as did many others in the Democratic Party.

However, we are now at a place where the parties came together at long last.

The debt ceiling is about to be raised, and cuts in spending are about to be made.

The bill passed both the House and Senate, though a significant number of Republicans opposed the measure.

"Maybe it doesn't do everything for everyone, but this is a step in the right direction," McCarthy said in "I'll debate this bill with anybody. Is it everything I wanted? No, because we don't control all of it. But it is the biggest rescission in history. It is the biggest cut Congress has ever voted for in that process."

"Far Left progressives have strongly opposed these measures, which conservatives have long advocated for. The deal Biden negotiated has enraged the Progressive Caucus, causing the President to have a serious issue with the Left flank of his party, one that is constantly attempting to seize the reigns of powers," reported Newsweek.