McCarthy tells Russian reporter he supports continued aid to Ukraine

By Jen Krausz on
 May 3, 2023

On a trip to Israel, his first one as House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told a Russian reporter that he supports continued aid to Ukraine.

 He said, “I vote for aid for Ukraine, I support aid for Ukraine. I do not support what your country has done to Ukraine, I do not support your killing of the children either.”

“You should pull out and I don’t think it’s right. We will continue to support. And I think the rest of the world sees it just as it is,” he continued.

McCarthy said before the midterm elections that he didn't think the U.S. should give a blank check to Ukraine.

Republicans generally want to see accountability in order to continue giving aid, but McCarthy may not have thought the trip was the right venue to say so.

America has already given $113 billion to Ukraine to aid in the war effort, including equipment, training, and humanitarian aid.