McCarthy Says Debt Deal Is The 'Beginning of Turning The Ship'

Kevin McCarthy has a message for everyone who loves the job he did on America's debt deal.

For those who don't agree with McCarthy's debt deal, the House speaker doesn't care. He has the same message for them as well.

There's more of the same coming.

This is the "beginning of turning the ship," McCarthy said.

McCarthy doesn't think that America's problems are all gone, but he does think he's found a way to work with liberals without giving in to their ideologies that will ruin America.

"I feel good because it’s the first time that we’re finally spending less than we spent the year before," McCarthy said on Fox News.

"This is the largest cut in American history. If you look at the Congressional Budget Office or if you look at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, it shows that, that more than $2.1 trillion is going to be cut over the next 10 years. And think about where we have come from. The president said he would never negotiate with us, that he would only raise the debt ceiling with no cuts whatsoever or to raise taxes. There are no taxes. There’s no new government programs. We actually got more than you thought in the process that we could get to this point," McCarthy said.

"So it’s not perfect, but it is a beginning of turning the ship," the speaker of the House concluded. "Now we have got to do the rest of the job."