McCarthy Posts Photo Of American Flags At Capitol Building

Kevin McCarthy just did what you don't see enough politicians do these days.

He publicly declared his love for America, the greatest country in the world, on Independence Day.

McCarthy showed what America expects out of its politicians on the same day that Joe Biden wasted his Independence Day speech by pushing more gun control on this country.

Kevin McCarthy had a right to be happy as well. His photo was an amazing contrast to the sex cult shenanigans that graced the White House in June.

Making matters worse for the June display at the White House is that the administration violated America's flag code to send its desired message. Peter Kein, a National Flag Foundation board member, said that the White House breached the Flag Code by displaying Pride flags more prominently than the American flag.

"The Flag Code speaks loud and clear that the American Flag belongs โ€˜front and centerโ€™, the position of superior prominence, when displayed with other flags. No flag should be higher, larger, or forward of the American Flag," he said.