McCarthy Considers Removing Ukraine Aid From Spending Package

 September 8, 2023

Republican Kevin McCarthy, speaker of the House of Representatives, appears ready to take drastic measures.

Congress is looking to come to an agreement on a stopgap spending bill, but McCarthy is frustrated that so much Ukraine aid is set to be included in the bill.

He wants money that's going to Ukraine to stop being crammed into other bills, and he wants to start making sure that Americans know each and every time the federal government decides to send our tax dollars to some country in Europe.

Keep in mind that Ukraine is NOT a free country.

The country's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has suspended all elections, essentially guaranteeing that he will be the head of its government for years to come.

Not only that, Zelensky may be just as bloodthirsty as Russian President Vladimir Putin is.

While Putin has been clear about wanting to reestablish the old USSR, Zelensky has some grand ideas of his own.

Not only does he plan to drive Putin out of Ukraine, but he also plans on then taking Russian land and claiming it for his own.

Will America start funding Russia once Zelensky is the one doing the invading?