McCarthy celebrates ending of military vax mandate

December 8, 2022

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) celebrated the end of the military vaccine mandate on Tuesday after Republicans were able to insist on adding the provision to the latest defense spending bill.

“The COVID vax mandate on our military is ending,” McCarthy declared on social media, explaining that he told President Biden directly last week that it is “time to end your COVID vaccine mandate on our military” and “rehire our service members.”

The vax mandate became a matter of national security as over 8,000 service members have been discharged and the Army and Navy both missed their recruiting deadlines by thousands.

While the defense bill provision doesn't reinstate service members discharged because they wouldn't get the jab, Republicans say they will be working on that next.

Republicans also managed to strip a provision from the bill that would have created journalism cartels that controlled the news and suppressed speech more.

McCarthy has even more plans to leverage the Republican majority and achieve its agenda. "You deserve to know the origins of COVID. You deserve to know why the DOJ went after concerned parents. You deserve to know why we failed to keep American lives safe in Afghanistan. On day one a Republican majority will begin holding this administration accountable," he wrote on Facebook.