McCarthy Calls Out Biden For Lying

 June 28, 2023

Some politicians connect with average Americans by pretending that they have everyday jobs like bartending.

Others pretend that they don't own millions more in assets than the average American to seem down to earth.

The way Kevin McCarthy is connecting with average Americans?

Our shared hatred of Joe Biden's lies.

"The whole reason you have the WhatsApp message is because of the work the House Republicans have been doing," McCarthy recently said on Fox News. "Not just with Rep. James Comer, not just with Rep. Jim Jordan, but this was in Ways and Means under Rep. Jason Smith. These are IRS long-term workers who have been through it and watched the abuse of power of how Hunter Biden was treated. I mean, they even waited to get the six-year statute of limitations off, they wanted to have a special counsel and now we’re seeing that the DOJ, the attorney general declined that, even though he’s saying something different. So, we have requested by July 6, Weiss to come in to answer these questions, because the IRS whistleblowers took copious notes during those meetings."

McCarthy concluded his point by saying that "now we found the president has lied to us. He said they never dealt with anything in China."