McCarthy: Antisemitism From Democrats 'Has Got To Stop'

 July 19, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is sick of the antisemitic remarks and racism in general that we often see out of America's liberals these days.

The behavior of Democrat officials has been "absolutely unacceptable" recently, according to McCarthy. He said that the venom toward Israel has "got to stop" after a leading Democrat claimed that Israel is a country characterized by its racism.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington recently declared that Israel is a racist country, something to which that McCarthy took exception.

All McCarthy could do was point out that Jayapal "isn’t the first person in the Democratic conference that has continued to make antisemitic comments."

"I think if the Democrats want to believe that they do not have a conference that continues to make antisemitic remarks, they need to do something about it because they’ve defended these individuals time and again," McCarthy said. He added:

The only time action ever has been taken is when we had to take the action. I think this is a role for the leader Hakeem Jeffries to prove, no, they are not antisemitic; and they cannot allow their members to continue to say what they have said in the past.

"Within minutes of Israel becoming a country, America recognized it; but now we have leaders in the Democratic Party — she’s not just elected as a Democrat in their conference — she is a leader of their caucuses and she is making these comments," McCarthy explained.