Maxwell Believes Epstein Murder Conspiracy

 January 25, 2023

Even those closest to Jeffrey Epstein are saying that there's no way he killed himself.

They're taking a real chance by one, admitting they knew the sleazebag; and two, by crossing the Clintons.

However, no matter how dangerous it may be, some people around Jeffrey Epstein seem willing to stand up and tell something that's at least close to the truth.

Even Ghislaine Maxwell.

Recently speaking with Jeremy Kyle on TalkTV, Maxwell spoke out and said that "she believes someone murdered her former boss while he awaited trial on sex trafficking charges while in prison."

If you'll remember, a medical examiner ruled his death a suicide, and former Attorney General William Barr agreed.

It doesn't matter that BOTH guards just happened to fall asleep at the time or that all of the security cameras on Epstein went out at that exact moment as well, they're not questioning his death.

Well, the regular people of America never stopped questioning the death we're pretty sure the Clintons or other powerful people had something to do with. We want answers.