Maui wildfire continues to blaze as death toll reaches 67

 August 11, 2023

Dozens of dead bodies have been found as fires continue to blaze in Maui.

The tragic wildfire in Maui, Hawaii has resulted in the death of 67 individuals as of Friday, with firefighters still struggling to control the inferno, according to Breitbart.

The fire, which started on Tuesday, has already consumed over 2,000 acres of land. Shockingly, this includes almost 80% of the historic Maui town of Lahaina, which was once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Death toll surpasses previous records

On Thursday, the death count stood at 55. However, by Friday afternoon, 12 more casualties were confirmed. This makes the Maui wildfire the deadliest in the U.S. since California's 2018 Camp Fire, which claimed 85 lives.

Gov. Josh Green expressed his deep concern, warning that the number of fatalities is expected to rise "significantly" in the upcoming days.

Adding to the catastrophe, over 11,000 Maui residents found themselves without electricity by Thursday. In response to the escalating crisis, President Joe Biden declared a major disaster, paving the way for federal aid to reach the affected regions.

Witnessing the aftermath

Reports from the Associated Press paint a grim picture of the devastation. Almost every structure on Front Street, the heart and economic center of Maui, has been reduced to rubble.

Roosters, a common sight on Hawaii's streets, now wander amidst the ashes of the once bustling community. A haunting scene of burnt cars, trapped in a traffic jam during their desperate bid to escape, further illustrates the magnitude of the disaster.

Other remnants of the fire's fury include cars crushed under fallen telephone poles, charred elevator shafts standing in isolation, pools filled with ash-laden water, and children's toys deformed by the intense heat.

Governor Green's somber statement

Gov. Green's words capture the overwhelming sense of loss and destruction. He likened the scene in Lahaina to the aftermath of a bomb explosion combined with a raging fire.

"When you witness the full extent of the destruction in Lahaina, it's shocking. It truly looks as if both a bomb and fire erupted simultaneously. Virtually all the structures will need rebuilding. The new Lahaina that emerges will reflect Maui's unique identity and values," Green remarked.

As the community grapples with the tragedy, the path to recovery will undoubtedly be long and challenging.

Call to action

As Maui faces one of its darkest hours, the world watches with bated breath. The resilience of its people will be tested, but with support and unity, they will rebuild and emerge stronger.

  • Maui's wildfire has claimed 67 lives and counting.
  • Over 2,000 acres, including 80% of Lahaina, have been destroyed.
  • President Biden has declared a major disaster, enabling federal aid.
  • Reports depict a scene of utter devastation and loss.
  • Gov. Green likens the destruction to a bomb's aftermath.

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