Matt Schlapp Removed From Fox News Over Groping Scandal

 February 2, 2023

On Jan. 6, The Daily Beast reported that one of Herschel Walker's Georgia Senate campaign staffers was accusing American Conservative Union chief Matt Schlapp in a groping incident.

Since that day, both Matt Schlapp and his wife Mercedes have been off the air at Fox News.

The male employee of Walker's campaign has asserted that Schlapp grabbed his crotch non-consensually while the two were sharing a car near Atlanta last October.

Schlapp, the organizer of the famous Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), has already denied the allegations via his lawyer.

Both Matt and his wife Mercedes used to be regular fixtures on Fox News, but not anymore. Mercedes hasn't been on the air since Jan. 6, and Matt's been gone since Jan. 4.

Despite the allegations, this is not anticipated to impact CPAC 2023.

Fox News has not yet addressed the scandal on air, nor has the network addressed when Matt or Mercedes might be back on the television.