Matt Gaetz Demands Cruz And DeSantis Endorse Trump For President

 March 27, 2023

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, a Republican, has made a serious plea to two of the most prominent Republicans in America:

Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis.

It's Gaetz's opinion that these two need to come out and endorse Donald Trump for president very soon.

Why? Well, Gaetz is of the opinion that neither of these men would even be in office without Trump "dragging Cruz across the finish line."

"Only Donald Trump could have rescued us from Hillary Clinton. Without Trump doing three rallies in the final week in the 2018 election in Florida, my governor today would probably be Andrew Gillum," Gaetz said. "How weird is that? And without Trump dragging Ted Cruz across the finish line, your senator would probably be beta-Beto."

"So, Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz: patriots of the MAGA movement delivered for you in your time of need," Gaetz concluded. "Today, Ron DeSantis and Ted Cruz should endorse Donald Trump for president and stand with us as we were so proud to stand with them."