Massive Explosion Occurs At Texas Dairy Farm

 April 13, 2023

Initial reports from a dairy farm in the Texas Panhandle indicate that a massive explosion has killed 18,000 cows and critically injured at least one person.

It was confirmed by the Castro Country Sheriff's Office that the cows were in a holding area at the Southfork Dairy Farm in Dimmit when the explosion occurred.

Very few of the cows in the holding area survived. When asked if he thought the number of dead cows was correct at approximately 18,000, Castro County Sheriff Sal Rivera answered in the affirmative, saying:

Your count probably is close to that. There’s some that survived, there’s some that are probably injured to the point where they’ll have to be destroyed.

Police said that they received eight different calls about an explosion at around 7:30 on April 10. The primary concern was that there still may be some farm employees trapped in the milking building.

When authorities arrived, they concluded that only one person was trapped in the dairy building, and immediately set about rescuing her. The woman was then airlifted to UMC Hospital in Lubbock with critical injuries.