Mark Levin FURIOUS Over Judge In Latest Trump Case

 August 8, 2023

Mark Levin only needed two words to describe the judge presiding over Donald Trump's latest federal case.

"Radical partisan."

He didn't leave much room for interpretation, did he?

"The judge who is going to hear this case is the most radical partisan activist, Obama appointee, in the entire federal judiciary. Gee, I wonder how she got chosen," Levin said. He went on:

This is a disgusting attack on our electoral system. And as I've said before, the electoral system in America is now dead unless all of this is reversed. Is a president not free to discuss decisions about elections with his vice president and strongly urge him to take one position or another?

Do you think that the rest of America will be able to reach the same conclusion that Levin did? With all of the Democrats' dirty attacks on Donald Trump lately, I think America is going to wake up eventually, right?