Mark Levin Calls Special Counsel Jack Smith A 'Hit Man'

 August 2, 2023

Hey, you don't get your own conservative talk show on Fox News without having some opinions, and Mark Levin just unleashed one of his best ones on America:

Special Counsel Jack Smith is nothing more than a "hit man."

During the opening monologue on his July 30 edition of Life, Liberty, and Levin, the host questioned why Smith out of all people was chosen to be the one focused on investigation former President Donald Trump. Levin said:

There’s a lot that has been said about these new indictments that have been brought against President Trump, a superseding list of indictments, and I want to get into this so-called superseding list a little bit later.

But that said, what everybody is missing here is President Trump didn’t delete a single video. How do I know that? I read this indictment. He is charged with trying to get employees to delete videos, attempted to delete Mar-a-Lago security footage sought by the grand jury investigating the mishandling of government records.

So these records were not deleted. They have all the video, over nine months’ worth of video. So what they’re doing here is piling on with a he said-he said. They are trying to get somebody to flip one of these individuals, a maintenance man, an IT person, you know, the little people they’re going after because the truth is, the rest of their case is very, very vulnerable.

So why choose Smith to go after Trump?

Levin thinks he knows. He went on:

Out of all the people they could have chosen in America, they go to The Hague to bring back Smith, because he’s a hit man.

Judge Beryl Howell was the judge who oversaw all of these motions that were filed by the Trump lawyers and the government. She ruled 100% against Donald Trump, 100% for the government; and she has since retired, but the damage is done.

Do you agree with Levin?