Marilyn Mosby Faces Possible Disbarment Amid Ongoing Legal Battles

 December 29, 2023

Disgraced liberal former Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby is finally getting what is coming to her.

There’s a new petition by the Maryland Bar Counsel to suspend her law license.

Why do they want to take such action?

According to the petition, Mosby has been found guilty of a “serious crime.”

For those who may not recall, Mosby is best known for prosecuting Baltimore officers after a Black man died in their custody.

Now, it turns out Mosby might not be the saint the left thinks she is.

She was found guilty of perjury charges related to lies she told about her finances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She claimed she was experiencing tough times financially, despite collecting a quarter-million-dollar salary.

She also withdrew nearly $100,000 from retirement accounts to buy a couple of homes in Florida while making false representations to avoid paying a penalty for doing so.

Yet, she was supposedly facing financial hardship?

Something is not adding up here.

Blatant liars like Mosby SHOULD lose their license to practice law once and for all.

Good riddance, Marilyn Mosby.