Marco Rubio warns that Democrat green agenda will push us to depend on China more

 February 5, 2023

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) warned during an interview on The Mike Gallagher Show on Friday that the Biden administration's fixation on climate change is pushing us towards a dangerous dependence on China.

Rubio revealed that the Biden administration isn't treating China as an adversary but rather as a partner with whom to tackle the alleged climate crisis.

Rubio stated that, "In the case of Biden…you’ve got people in that administration that think the most important thing we need to do with China is a climate deal. Well, where do they make these batteries and the basic materials that are needed for those batteries, the lithium and otherwise? That’s sourced — China dominates that marketplace. So, look at solar panels. We basically were the innovators of that and they’ve now taken that over and so we’re going to be more dependent on the technology that the Chinese have come to control."

Rubio also pointed out that while China dominates the market for green energy, they are using fossil fuels at an unprecedented rate.

Rubio continued by saying, "And that’s what I mean by they want to go to Davos and they want to go to some forum somewhere and hold hands with the Chinese and say, we’ve solved climate change. Meanwhile, the Chinese are funding more coal-fired plants than every other country in the world combined right now."

The Biden administration is paving the path to world domination for China and unless drastic action is taken, there is no stopping this disaster.