Marco Rubio Furious At French President

 April 12, 2023

Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, wants to know EXACTLY what French President Emmanuel Macron was talking about when he appeared to advocate creating distance between Europe and the United States of America.

It turns out that Macron made the comments just after leaving a six-hour meeting in China. What was said in that meeting that made Macron make the announcement? Did China FORCE him to make the suggestion? Maybe they just offered him a deal too good to be true if he demonized America.

Whatever the cause, Marco Rubio is FURIOUS. He also wants to know if the French President is speaking for the rest of Europe as well.

This was the French president's first trip to China in four years, which makes the timing of Macron's announcement an extremely unlikely coincidence to say the least.

It's clear he was influenced by China.

But how?